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CIROC VODKA – An Interesting Origin



Although Ciroc is seen as a new age premium vodka brand, it has been in production for nearly 15 years and was financed by the alcohol powerhouse that is Diageo.


Ciroc Vodka bottle

The Ciroc brand actually has an interesting origin with their master distiller, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, hailing from generations of wine makers dating back to the 15th century. Diageo was aware of his skills and his experience working with the premium cognac brand Hennessey, so approached him with the idea of making a vodka from grapes rather than the traditional use of grains.

So unusually Ciroc Vodka is actually made from grapes in the South of France. Even more uncommon, the grapes are harvested during the winter whilst they are mostly frozen. Aside from this unique selection process, Ciroc Vodka is also distilled 5 times to enhance the clarity of flavour. This distillation process is something that separates them from other vodka’s and is highlighted concisely on every heavyweight bottle they produce.


As for the brand itself, sales only truly began to increase when they agreed to a partnership with Sean Combs as brand ambassador in 2007. Over the next 10 years, the hip hop producer and self-proclaimed party starter helped to position the brand as a chic premium vodka with the help of a strong marketing budget.




In the last few years brand recognition has become incredibly strong. With nearly every high-end night club and bar stocking some form of the Ciroc brand. During this period, they have ventured into the flavoured vodka market and now have nearly a dozen varieties on the market.


Sean P Diddy Combs Ciroc vodkaThe original Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka (70cl) will cost you between £27-34 depending on where you source it from. My particular favourite is Ciroc Peach Vodka (70cl) which is priced marginally higher at £28-35. I first experienced this edition in New York where it was being served with ice and topped with lemonade, making a light and refreshing summer drink.


At the moment Ciroc is at the top table when it comes to vodka brands. With clever marketing they have managed to keep a refined yet stylish feel that appeals to younger professional audiences. Ciroc is more than just a celebrity endorsed drink. That may be part of the appeal but what keeps people coming back is the quality of the vodka itself.



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Article By: Gurpreet Singh