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ORIGINAL SIN – A Proper Drinking Den



The moment you step into this basement bar you feel as though you have found a proper drinking den that is made for drinking. I know this may sound odd, but these days so many bars have some kind of gimmick. Far too often bars focus on the bells & whistles that come with your cocktail, rather than aiming to provide you with the best quality drink.


Original Sin - Cocktail On Bar

Credit: Original Sin

Original Sin has been around for a few years now and is actually the brainchild of the team behind Happiness Forgets in Hoxton. This sister bar definitely has a New York meatpacking district type vibe. It is a long thin bar area with dim booths on one side and bar seating on the other. The venue has a shadowy and understated feel that possesses an almost elegant quality, and the cocktail list certainly aligns with the theme created by this establishment.


The cocktail menu only has 12 drinks on it but they are all balanced expertly to provide the drinker with the ultimate experience. Unless you are an avid cocktail drinker you will probably be bemused by several of the spirits and elements found on the ingredients list. However, the knowledgeable mixologists are on hand to help steer you to find a drink that suits your palate. On that note whilst we were drinking my indecisive companion was struggling to pick a drink and once it had arrived she found it too sour for her taste, so our bartender proactively asked if she would like to change her drink – this was another example of the quality of the service at Original Sin.




I have no doubt that you will find a cocktail to go back for at Original Sin, but the two that will have me returning are Handy Dandy (Rye, Apple Brandy, Lemon and Pomegranate Molasses) and 40○ in the Shade (Light Rum, Pineapple, Dry Sherry, Coconut, Honey and Lime). All cocktails are at a well-priced £8.50 and there is also a beer/wine menu if you fancy something less complex.


Original Sin - Cocktails On Table

Credit: Original Sin


A couple extra things to note is that there is a vintage American pool table at one end of the bar. Personally for me is a huge plus in any great drinking den, to make this even better the pool table is free to use! The second thing to note is that the cocktails unquestionably carry a punch in terms of alcohol strength. So if you’re a lighter drinker you may want to take it easy, but again for me, this is a huge plus in any great drinking den.


Original Sin - Pool Table & Bar

Credit: Original Sin


It is fair to say that if I lived near Original Sin then I would probably be in here at least once a week, whether that be for a drink after work, to catch up with friends or a place to start the weekend – essentially I would find a reason to drink here.



TLB Rating:

Luxury Brief 2 coin rating




129, Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 0PH

020 7241 4148

Nearest Tube Station: Stoke Newington

Article By: Gurpreet Singh