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RHYTHM AND BOOZE PROJECT – Brilliant Event For Whisky Fans



I happened to stumble across the Rhythm and Booze Project whilst booking a whisky tasting session for my dad. He is an avid fan of the elixir of life, so I was looking for a whisky tasting experience that was a bit beyond the standard one dram from each Scottish region.


The Rhythm and Booze project were combing with The Ingredientist to provide a Welsh Whisky and Food Pairing event. This evening consisted of tasting 5 award winning whiskies from the Penderyn distillery. These were accompanied by 5 Welsh dishes designed to complement each whisky.


The host of the event was Felipe Schrieberg, who is a whisky writer for publications including Forbes and has an academic background in sustainable whisky distillation.


Having been to several whisky tasting events in my lifetime I can certainly say that Felipe was one of the most charismatic hosts I had met. He was very good at engaging the group, which can sometimes be an issue when you have a host that is too serious. He was extremely knowledgable and even provided me with a couple new facts about the whisky distillation process that I had not heard before.


Whisky & Cheese Board - Rhythm & Booze Project

Credit: The Ingredientist

The food was also a delight at the event. With the stand out dishes being the Welsh cakes with Penderyn peated raspberry jam. I could have eaten a plateful of these.  The Bara Brith (traditional Welsh fruit cake) with Penderyn infused whisky butter was new to me, but again was a delicious.


The event cost £36 per person and I would happily pay that again for another one of their whisky tasting nights. One thing to note is that currently these events are being run as pop ups, so the venues will be different each time. Our event was located in the charming Good & Proper Tea venue near Chancery Lane.


The Rhythm and Booze Project has a few upcoming events including Ultimate Bourbon Whiskey, Live Blues and Cigar Tasting event in July. Later in the year they also have The Rhythm and Booze Project Boat Party with open whisky bar.


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Article By: Gurpreet Singh