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ROOFTOP FILM CLUB – Institution Of The London Summer



The Rooftop Film Club has been running for several years and has become an institution of the London summer pop up scene. I’ve been to many of their showings over the years and have always enjoyed a night filled with fun cocktails, delicious snacks and a gem of a film.


With their typical 4 venue set up Peckham (Bussey Building), Shoreditch (Queen of Hoxton), Stratford (Roof East) and Kensington (The Roof Gardens), the Rooftop Film Club team are again bringing you some of the best films of the last 12 months including Logan, La La Land and Get Out. Plus a host of classics such as Back to the Future, Dead Poets Society and Leon for your open air viewing pleasure. This summer the last screenings will be on the 18th September, so still plenty of time to get yourself up to one of the venues.



As usual, each venue will also house pop up food and drinks stalls for you to make the most of your night out. This year includes the gourmet Rockadollar Dogs from ex Hawksmoor chef Richard Sandiford. Once you’ve stocked up on the tasty delights and have a drink in hand, you can relax on your deck chair and enjoy the film as the sun sets around you – weather permitting!



Prices are a standard £15 for a single ticket and this year they have also introduced a love seat for 2 people. At £25 each this new ticket gives you extra legroom, bottomless popcorn and a glass of prosecco or beer with your admission. So if you want a different spot for a date night this option could be for you.


The whole experience is an entertaining night out and definitely worth it. Particularly when you consider that the brand name cinemas are charging up to £16 a ticket in central London, with none of the joys you will get from the Rooftop Film Club.



TLB Rating:

Luxury Brief 2 coin rating





Article By: Gurpreet Singh